Telling the story behind the data and removing the stigma surrounding well-being & mental health for everyone, every day.

we are

OTII® is the genitive case of the latin noun Otium meaning peace, leisure and ease. In society’s rush to embrace technology, we’ve somehow lost the power of listening and personal connection.

These observations, coupled with our founder’s personal well-being struggles and that of his loved ones over the years, plus one or two serendipitous encounters, provided the impetus to launch OTII with the goal of bringing a more human, compassionate voice to mental health.

As you interact with us you’ll also see that we place social impact at the heart of everything we do. We have built a partnership with B1G1, the platform for global good to enable us to contribute to a more positive world as we simply go about our everyday business activities.

we do

We enable organisations to seamlessly measure, monitor and track the well-being of their staff and/or students over time. We share these quantitative and qualitative data insights with you to promote early identification and prevention, and work alongside you to build solutions to the current prevailing issues.

All of this is coupled with on the ground support and cutting edge psychological theory to support you in developing a holistic, authentic and sustainable workplace without the need for you to dedicate any additional staffing resources.

We’ve collaborated with an illustrator to make the topic more accessible across all age groups and, thanks to a partnership with B1G1, have woven social impacts based on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals into our well-being surveys.

UNICEF research shows that almost half of Swiss students report low emotional well-being and over a third are depressed and/or anxious.

We believe that academic success can no longer be viewed as the only benchmark of a child achieving their full potential. Positive well-being for students is now inextricably linked to positive well-being for staff. Schools are the ideal location to lead on prevention, teaching kids how to express their emotions and to destigmatise mental health issues.

We recognise every school is as unique as the humans underpinning it. That’s why we have a bespoke set of solutions providing you with an overview of the well-being pulse of your school.

Our offering includes term by term mental well-being surveys for the teaching faculty and children from Grade 3 & up, on demand staff counselling, proactive whole school mental health interventions plus data-driven dashboards.

An African proverb states ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. At OTII, we have a close-knit community of educators, psychologists, counsellors and clinicians that are committed to helping you provide an environment that will directly influence the mental health of your students for the rest of their lives.

Click here to experience how we tackle the topic of Emotional Engagement with adolescents.

According to the WHO, absences from work for mental illness last 50% longer than those for physical illness. However, there is often a disconnect between employees & employers around mental health needs.

Our surveys are curated by the occupational health psychologist who helped assess the mental health & well-being of humanitarian workers, most notably at the United Nations & International Committee of the Red Cross.

We go beyond the traditional work-related variables of emotional well-being such as burnout, stress and anxiety – investigating psychosocial risks which if not tackled can lead to psychological or physical harm. For those employers who want to foster a culture where their employees feel safe, we can also tackle topics such as post-partum depression which affects 1 in 7 women.

A holistic approach to employee well-being is critical to developing workplace resilience, promoting employee productivity, increasing satisfaction, and retaining and attracting talent.

We’d love to help you weave well-being and mental health into the fabric of your workplace for everyone, every day.

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with us

We’re a passionate and diverse international team who want to channel our energies towards removing the stigma surrounding mental health for everyone. Good Health & Well-Being is #3 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and aims to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all ages.

Our pricing is based on a small annual fee per head per year with no hidden extras so your finance team will love us too!

As your trusted partner all the data insights we curate on your behalf are anonymous, encrypted and leverage the services of the world’s largest and most reliable cloud infrastructure provider.

OTII GmbH will also be ISO 27001 certified early in 2023.

If you share our values and aspirations to tell the story behind the data and remove the stigma surrounding well-being & mental health for everyone, every day please do reach out to us and one of our team will be in touch with you shortly.