Men’s Mental Fitness: Strategies For High Performance & Well-Being.


Transform your approach to mental fitness and high performance

Embark on a transformative journey toward mental fitness and sustainable high performance. Led by industry experts, this workshop guides you through a foundational reset in your approach, equipping you with the tools and insights to reclaim autonomy over your mental health & well-being in both your personal and professional life. Download your guide today to learn more and how to reserve one of the limited 15 seats available for the first workshop in Zurich on April 30th.


Unlock your potential: Equip yourself with mental well-being strategies

During the half-day workshop you will gain a deeper understanding of what drives burnout and emotional exhaustion in high performers and how to better manage yourself. You will come away with a change in mindset about what sustainable high performance looks like, how to achieve it (and how to maintain it) as you move through the next stages of your life.


From struggle to strength: Empowering others through personal growth

Martin Coul and Zane McCormack have traversed their own mental health journeys, facing personal struggles with burnout, depression, and PTSD. These experiences have fueled their shared mission to empower others to navigate similar challenges with resilience and compassion. Their paths crossed serendipitously, highlighting the profound connections that emerge when individuals, having undergone their own healing journeys, unite with a common purpose.


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Nestled in the dynamic and culturally rich city of Zurich

Our chosen workshop venue is strategically located, offering easy accessibility via public transport and/or your own mode of transport.

The space is self-contained and also offers exclusive access to a stunning rooftop oasis that provides panoramic views towards Uetliberg and the city below, offering an inspiring backdrop for our sessions.

Secure your spot today and download your full workshop guide below to discover the value of our program.

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